About the project

Degrowth is not just a new term for an ongoing discussion on alternatives, and not just an academic debate, but also an emerging social movement. Besides many agreements there is ignorance, scepticism and prejudice within degrowth circles as well as in other social movements regarding differing perspectives, starting points, traditions, strategies and protagonists. Here, a lot of opportunities for learning emerge.

How is the relation between the degrowth movement and other social movements and perspectives? What can the degrowth movement learn from these other movements? And the other way around, what can other social movements and perspectives learn from each other as well as from degrowth ideas and practices? What common proposals, but also which contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist? What alliances could be possible?

In 32 essays, representatives of different social movements, currents or initiatives discuss these and other questions. (list with all authors – in German only). The texts are published together with images, as well as audio and video recordings.

Degrowth in movement(s) – Trailer from Raute Film on Vimeo.

Header picture by Julian Rizzon


The German texts have been published between June an September. They will also be available in book format. The book will be presented to the media on March 24th in Leipzig. Moreover, the participating movements will meet up on the 24th/25th of March to get to know each other, network and think up joint projects. You can find the German texts here.

With regards to the translation into English, so far we have translated roughly half of the texts. More will follow soon!