Summer School 2016: Skills for System Change

2016 will see the return of the Degrowth Summer School to the Climate Camp in the Rhineland! From the 19th to 23rd of August, we will put degrowth into action under the theme of “Skills for System Change!”. We want to analyse current developments of society, envision common utopias and learn the very practical skills needed to participate in a social-ecological transformation: How do I found a cooperative together with other people? How do we build a wind turbine? What is “sustainable activism” and how do I facilitate large assemblies?

Degrowth Summer School at the Climate Camp

Like last year, the Summer School will take place at the Climate Camp in the Rhineland. The camp runs from the 19th till 29th of August, so the Summer School is only the beginning. The Climate Camp is all about education, building alliances, actions… and about living tomorrow’s society today – social, ecological and organized by grassroots democracy! The exact venue within the Rhineland’s lignite mining region is yet to be confirmed.

Take part in the courses…

We will delve into the topics of the Summer School in courses that run for several days. You’re free to propose courses yourself – the Call for Courses is open now, until the 25th of May! If you want to participate, you have to sign up for the courses, the financial contribution is free to choose. You’ll find out when the registration opens via our website and through our newsletter.

and so much more!

It is also important to us to have a lot of space for discussions and general life on the camp. There will be a cultural programme, excursions, great vegan food and an educational programme for young people and kids – as well as a childrens’ tent with trampoline, theater and lots of stuff to do!

So there’s a lot of good reasons to come to the Rhineland. But it’s probably best to see for yourself, by watching the video of last year’s event:

Where? In the Rhineland lignite mining region, near Cologne, Germany. The exact venue is not fixed yet.
When? 19.-29.08.16 (Climate Camp), 19.-23.08.16 (Degrowth-Summer School)

> Call for Courses
> More info on last year’s event