Welcome to the German degrowth web portal. Here, you find information around degrowth. “What is degrowth?”, news on the current project – in 2015 Degrowth in action: Climate justice-summer school, and on the international Conferences on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity. The web portal is further home to the degrowth media library with audio, video and text materials, as well as an international blog.
The web portal is currently in a process of transformation, so you might notice some changes here and there.

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    Launch of the media library

    Explore our new media library! With the help of diverse search options and an extensive list of themes, you can browse through various degrowth related material.
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    Degrowth Project Fund – News

    The awarded initiatives are now published.
  • summerschoolclimatecamp

    Summer school 2015 – all the info

    The degrowth summer school on climate justice is over... and it was a great success! Click here for blog articles, an overview of the programme and more information.
  • Degrowth-Conference 2016 in Budapest

    The next conference will take place in Hungary! The organizers look forward to discussing degrowth-strategies in a post-socialist environment - with its specific social, economic and political challenges.
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    The conference website is currently beeing transformed into a degrowth web-portal.
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    Visit our blog

    The blog features many articles by very diverse authors, a wide range of videos and is updated regularly.


Why degrowth?

Many analyses from various scientific disciplines imply that a growth-based economic and social system cannot have a future: Despite a growing number of technological solutions for “Green Growth”, inequality and the destruction of nature are significantly on the rise. It is high time to develop economic and social models that are independent of growth and can provide for a good life for everybody.

> Here you can find more if you wish to know what “degrowth” means to us.